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noodlesandbeef was super helpful in helping me do progress shots. *squee*

Compared to my progress shots from August, my bulking has been really well, with the difference almost seeming like night and day. I attribute it to having the best motivation and all this tasty San Francisco food!

Bigger. Harder. Better. Stronger. Deeper. Everyday.

So lets see what’s changed since Ausust:

Weight: January 260lbs/ April:  280lbs/ August: 240lbs/ October: 275.5lbs 

Height 5’11” 1/2

Biceps: January: 18in/ April: 18.5in / August: 17.5in/ October: 19in

Chest: January:  49.5in/ April: 50 in/ August/ 48.5in/ October: 51in

Waist: January: 43in/ April: 44in/ August:  41in/ October: 43in

Rump: January: 45in/ April: 47in/ August: 43.3/ October: 47in

Thighs: January: 29in/ April: 29.5in/ August: 27in/ October: 28in

Neck: January: 19.5in/ April: 20in/ August: 17.5in/ October: 20in

Calves: January 17.1in/ April: 18in/ August: 17in/ October: 18.5in

(Say, do you like statistics and graphs? Pup does! He has three years of measurements in a handy-dandy spreadsheet for your viewing pleasure)

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